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# ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use

# available at:


# If you see inaccuracies in the results, please report at



# Copyright 1997-2018, American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd.



# Query terms are too ambiguous. Please refine query.



ARIN's WHOIS service provides a mechanism for finding contact and registration

information for resources registered with ARIN. ARIN's database contains IP

addresses, autonomous system numbers, organizations, or customers that are

associated with these resources, and related Points of Contact [POC].

ARIN's WHOIS will NOT locate any domain related information, nor any

information relating to military networks. Please use to

locate domain information, and for military network information.

Many operating systems provide a whois utility. To conduct a query from the

command line, such as:

whois -h hostname

(e.g. whois -h foo)

To obtain a more specific response, you may conduct a search by using certain

flags. Many of these flags can be combined to tailor the desired output.

Flags must be separated from each other and from the search term by a space.

Your results will vary depending on the refinements you apply in your search.

Listed below are the flags currently available; you may only use one flag from

each flag-type in a query, i.e. one record type, one attribute, etc.



To limit your query to a specific record type, include one of the following


n Network address space

r CIDRized network space

d Delegations

a Autonomous systems

p Points-of-contact

o Organizations

c End-user customers

e Points-of-contact, Organizations, End-user customers

z All of the above



To limit your query to a specific record attribute, include one of the

following flags:

@ Searches for matches by domain-portion of an

email address

! Searches for matches by handle or id

/ Searches for matches by name

. Searches for matches by name

(same as above, but some WHOIS clients have problems with)

Searches that retrieve a single record will display the full record. Searches

that retrieve more than one record will be displayed in list output.

Display flags:


To modify the way that the query results display, include one of the

following flags:

+ FULL output shows detailed display for EACH match

- LIST output shows summary only, even if single match


The + flag cannot be used with the sub-query features described below.

Record hierarchy:


Records in the ARIN WHOIS database have hierarchical relationships with other

records. To display those related records, use the following flags:

< Displays the record related up the hierarchy. For a network,

display the supernet, or parent network in detailed format.

> Displays the record related down the hierarchy. For a network,

display the subdelegations, or subnets, below the network, in

list format. For an organization or customer, display the

resources registered to that organization or customer, in

list format.

= Display only an exact match in the hierarchy.

Wild card queries:


WHOIS supports wild card queries. This feature is only supported as a trailing

character option. To take advantage of this append the query with an asterisk

[*]. This can also be used in combination with any flags defined above.

Other helpful hints:


To guarantee matching only a single record, look it up by its handle using a

handle-only search. In the record summary line, the handle is shown in

parenthesis after the name.

When using a handle to conduct a search for POC information, be sure to add

the -ARIN extension.

Queries that return more than 256

results will stop displaying data after the limit has been reached for each

record type. You may want to narrow your search criteria or add flags to your

query to limit the results.

To search on an individual's name, you may enter the last name, or to further

restrict results, use the last name and first name, separated by a comma. For

example: Smith, John.

Contact us:


For operational problems with WHOIS please contact noc with the

appropriate details.

To correct information within your area of responsibility, submit a template

to Information on how to fill out the appropriate template

can be found at:

To notify ARIN of invalid POC information, contact with

the relevant information.

Terms of Service:


ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use available at:


# ARIN WHOIS data and services are subject to the Terms of Use

# available at:


# If you see inaccuracies in the results, please report at



# Copyright 1997-2018, American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd.



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